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Thank-you for visiting our prices page.  Whilst this page can give a numerical cost to a procedure, we should like to stress that price alone is only part of the picture.  We would point out the value and service that is attached to each item.  So obviously for no additional cost you will receive;

  • Personal, friendly care & advice for your pet
  • Advice on any product you might need - will you get this at a supermarket?
  • Advice on any matter concerning your pet is just a phone call away
  • Same day appointments

Price is what you pay, Service & Value is what you receive. Please contact us for any information that you require.



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Opening Times

  • Monday

    9.00am - 6.45pm


    9.00am - 6.45pm


    9.00am - 6.45pm


    9.00am - 6.45pm


    9.00am - 6.45pm


    9.00am - 3.30pm
    Sunday  CLOSED




    If you need advice or emergency

    treatment outside our opening times,

    please contact Alder Veterinary Hospital on 07699 737 243


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