Welcome to Warbreck House Veterinary Centre

At Warbreck House, we appreciate how important pets are and we aim to make you and your pet feel as relaxed and comfortable as we can whilst providing the highest quality veterinary care.

Warbreck House is a welcoming, family-run small animal practice in Orrell Park.

  • Your local, neighbourhood practice; not owned by a large corporate company

  • Air conditioned

  • Free nurse clinics for general healthcare advice on your pet.

  • Excellent full medical & surgical facilities

This website is set up to share information relating to Warbreck House Veterinary Centre and to offer basic advice, however, this is not meant to replace proper healthcare for your pet.  If you have a problem with your pet and need advice, please contact the surgery.

We are always striving to improve the service that we offer and we hope that you do enjoy this website and the information that it holds.  If you would like to make a comment regarding any of this site's content please contact Jane Ardrey at the surgery.


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Opening Times

  • Monday

    9.00am - 6.45pm


    9.00am - 6.45pm


    9.00am - 6.45pm


    9.00am - 6.45pm


    9.00am - 6.45pm


    9.00am - 3.30pm

    (Urgent Problems Only)

      10am - 11.00am

    If you need advice or emergency

    treatment outside our opening times,

    please contact

    Vets Now on 0151 480 2040


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Featured Items

  • Tina is Petplan Veterinary Nurse of the Year 2014
    Tina is Petplan Veterinary Nurse of the Year 2014 We are so proud to annouce that Tina Wright RVN was voted the Petplan Veterinary Nurse of the Year 2014 This is such a massive achievment for both Tina and Warbreck House Veterinary Centre We can't thank our clients enough as it is client comments and stories that earn nominations…
    in News Read 76 times
  • We are a Cat Friendly Practice!
    We are a Cat Friendly Practice! Warbreck House is very pleased to have achieved the Silver Award from ISFM (formerly Feline Advisory Bureau). ISFM is an international cat care body and for more information about them and what they do please click here.
    in Pet Care Read 489 times

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  • November is Pet Diabetes Month, and we’re out to raise awareness of this surprisingly common condition in cats and dogs. Is your dog or cat excessively thirsty or do they need to urinate more than normal? Is your pet increasingly lethargic or losing weight, despite a healthy appetite? Then he or she may indeed be suffering from diabetes mellitus. Pop over to the Pet Diabetes Month website to take a more detailed questionnaire and see just how much your pet is at risk. If you suspect your pet may be at increased risk, then book an appointment with us at the earliest...

  • A comprehensive guide to your rabbit’s health and welfare Rabbits are easy to care for and make friendly, intelligent house pets. There are over 60 breeds of domestic rabbits and the average life span is 6-10 years, with a record age of 15 being reported. In general the medium and larger breeds live longer than the dwarf varieties. Like all pets they require proper healthcare and attention and when you make a decision to acquire a rabbit, you must view it as a long-term commitment.

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